Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Can I have an A for effort?

Today I stole my mom’s appointment and paid a visit to the dentist, feeling exactly the way I do going into a test I’m going to rock (something that doesn’t happen often). This is because …duh, duh, duh, duh! I have become a flosser.  That’s right.  Every single night, I floss my teeth.
It’s ridiculous how pleased I am with myself over this.
Suddenly, I feel like I have unbeatable willpower.  When I consider habits I’d like to have, but have never been able to develop, I just think to myself, “What about flossing?  You used to think you’d never be a flosser, and now look at you!”  I’m making crazy plans to limit my sugar intake, eat vegetables every day, and actually go to bed before 3:00 in the morning.
I’d recommend this flossing thing – it’s wildly empowering.
My Dentist's Office
 Anyway, back to my appointment.  In general, I like the dentist’s office because he always tells me what nice teeth I have and says that as long as I brush and floss regularly, they’ll never give me any trouble.  The teacher’s pet in me feels instantly gratified.
I used to experience a slight twinge of guilt because of my non-flosser status, though.  The dentist and hygienist could always tell because of the massive amounts of gum bleeding caused by their little scraper of doom, but they’d ask about my flossing habits anyway.   I’d admit my failure in shame, feeling like I had only earned an B+ on my dental exam (on a related note, I just realized it’s called an exam for a reason – haha, I’m so funny!). 
Not this time, though!  I am a flosser!
The hygienist even used the scraper of doom more than usual because my now-adult gums apparently required measuring, and there was barely any bleeding.  When asked if I flossed, I triumphantly declared, “Yes!  For the past two months.”  I was finally going to be an A student.
Then my X-rays came back.
I have a cavity.


  1. HILARIOUS. Shaina. I am so sorry to hear this. I have always felt the same way about flossing- maybe I'll give it a try...

  2. hahaha I love you Shaina. Don't give up on flossing just yet :) Oh, and the "teacher's pet" part was my favorite!

  3. Love this. I felt the same way when I became a flosser over a decade ago. No cavities since then. Remind me to introduce you to this awesome floss we discovered. I actually look forward to flossing now. See you Friday. PS. Hazel says Hi.

  4. aww man a cavity. boo on that! I'm so proud of you for flossing!! I also love "the scraper of doom" part :)

  5. HA! That is how life goes...if it makes you feel better, I had two. And I still don't floss. In fact, to encourage me to, she gave me a whole box of fancy floss. But you are inspiring me to greatness. As always.


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