Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cultural Activity: Siddharta

I loved growing up in Montana, but I’m realizing that it limited some of my cultural opportunities. I’ve seen my fair share of rodeos, but until tonight I had never actually seen a ballet. Rather than starting off with something nice and traditional, like The Nutcracker, our group jumped headfirst into the world of modern ballet with Siddharta, which told the journey of a young man seeking enlightenment. Too bad I didn’t know that. Honestly, I had no idea what was going on story wise during the ballet, but I didn’t mind at all (for those who like a little more context, check out the link above and here.

Throughout the ballet, I was fascinated by the strength and flexibility of the dancers and most of all by the control they have over their bodies. I also loved seeing the costumes, especially the gauzy white dresses worn by the ballerinas; they made the girls look like they were moving under water. Some things were a little weird – notably when a giant house twirled in the air, but I still really liked the ballet overall. At the time, I didn’t try to think through what I was seeing (although it’s fun to do now), instead choosing to sit back and enjoy the stunning choreography and costumes. I felt that it was truly beautiful and truly unique.

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  1. I really think they were trying to channel "The Wizard of Oz" here with the house in the air. Because it's so profound and all.


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